The Benefits of Dental Implants
July 11, 2018
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There are a plethora of wonderful advantages of getting dental implants in Grand Forks.Dental Implant

Are you dealing with tooth loss and currently considering all of your options to find the one that will fit your needs the best? Our Grand Forks, ND, family dentist, Dr. Steven Erlandson, understands just how important it is to find the tooth replacement that will give you back the smile you deserve. We know that everyone comes with different goals, needs, and health issues, and our goal is to make sure that you achieve the results you want through restorative dentistry.

What are dental implants?

Before we delve into the many benefits of dental implants it’s first important to understand what they are. These small metal posts or screws, often made from titanium, are surgically placed into the jawbone where they will function like tooth roots. A single implant is designed to replace one missing tooth, but several implants can be placed along the arches of your jawbone to support a full set of artificial teeth.

What are the benefits of getting dental implants?

A unique dental restoration offers unique benefits and here are the top three wonderful perks you’ll enjoy when you get dental implants from our Grand Forks dentist,

A lifelong restoration: While most dental restorations will need to be replaced at some point during your lifetime, a dental implant is perhaps the only restoration that is strong enough to last the rest of your life (with the proper maintenance and care, of course!). They are made from strong, reliable titanium, so you can trust that once they are placed they aren’t going anywhere for a very long time. Sure, the dental crown placed over it will need to be replaced every few years, but the implant itself will not.

Enjoy meals again: We know how difficult it can be to enjoy your favorite foods or even a social outing when you have missing teeth. It can be tough to properly chew your food and as a result, you may steer clear of certain foods that could be providing you with the nutrients you need to stay healthy. With implants, you no longer have to do this frustrating song and dance during mealtimes. Implants stay in place and don’t move or shift around. They function just like real teeth so you can enjoy chowing down without the stress.

Prevent bone loss: The most common complication of tooth loss is bone loss. If you leave tooth loss untreated for a year or more then the jawbone will deteriorate, also affecting the shape and appearance of your face. No one wants premature sagging and wrinkles and by placing a dental implant as soon as possible after you’ve lost a tooth we can prevent these potentially serious complications from happening to you.

Interested in dental implants? If so, the next step is to schedule a consultation with us. Call our Grand Forks, ND, dental office today and book your next visit with Dr. Erlandson.